Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stop the Fight – Permanent Makeup

Are you sick and tired of fighting? No, I’m not talking about your husband, boyfriend, or partner. Chances are if you’re like many women who explore permanent makeup you’re more than ready for a positive change. Below is a video a woman made for me about this subject which hits so close to home.

Weekdays and work days, weekends and social outings, you’re fighting for your appearance and with your appearance. Both literally and figuratively you’re fighting the clock to look your personal best, to feel confident about who who are, and to feel good about the day no matter who you have to see and where you need to be.
When you’re tired, it’s easy to get tired of the topical makeup madness. By getting permanent makeup you might just appreciate the new found sense of self-confidence and freedom which comes with knowing you can actually be seen in the morning as you naturally are and not feel like you have to hide your face or hang your head in shame to go to the gym, corner market, or coffee shop.

Eyebrow tattoos, permanent eyeliner, or permanent lip makeup doesn’t mean you still won’t be interested in looking your very best. Yet it does mean you can enjoy proven time saving benefits every day for years at a time. What would getting back 20 or 30 “New York Minutes” or even an hour a day do to make your busy lifestyle a wee bit easier?


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